HANÁK s.r.o.

Our offer

HANÁK Ltd. knows his potential partner in collaboration with engineering design, design institutes active in the field of energy and heat proposals offer technical solutions to improve With the current equipment and subsequent implementation. Furthermore, in cooperation with specialized companies, the company is able to ensure the necessary supply of equipment, pipelines and boilers zámuroviek, as appropriate, the construction activities.

The successful implementation of the company can work with HANÁK Ltd. offer:

  • Management specialists installation and repairs
  • Quality inspectors
  • Welding supervision
  • Inspection and testing of pressure, gas, and electric lifting equipment
  • Chief mechanic, skupinárov
  • Welders for welding way MMA, TIG, MIG, MAG for all types of weldable materials
  • Fitters, installers of steel structures, pipe
  • Metal Machining (lathe, milling machine, horizontal carousel)
  • Specialists for rotating machines (pumps, compressors, mills)
  • The qualified electricians
  • Sale of arms and ammunition and full service